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Pelvic Floor

Understanding of pelvic floor muscles and sphincters at the lower end of gut is another area of active investigation in GI motility laboratory. Pelvic floor as the name implies is a floor for the abdominal organs. In addition, it provides constrictor function for the orifices that exit from the abdomen to the exterior, i.e., anal canal, urethra and vagina. In women, pelvic floor muscles are commonly injured during child birth and cause symptoms of bowel and urinary incontinence as well as prolapse of various organs. Pelvic floor is a group o f muscles each one of them most likely has unique and probably multiple functions. To define morphology and function of each muscle we have developed unique methodologies that are clarifying several unresolved questions. To improve understanding of the repair mechanism following injury is also an important area of investigation in the GI motility research laboratory.