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The MASLD Research Center envisions a future in which MASLD is no longer a major public health concern, and liver-related mortality rates are significantly reduced by bringing new treatments to treat MASH-related fibrosis. To achieve this, we are committed to raising awareness of MASLD and its potential complications, and to promoting the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits that can help prevent its onset and actively screen at-risk MASH and develop novel therapies for MASH-related fibrosis.

We are also dedicated to developing non-invasive screening methods that are both safe and accurate in detecting MASH, allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment. Through cutting-edge research, we seek to identify and develop innovative treatments for MASH that lead to its resolution, ultimately improving the quality of life for patients living with this disease.

As a community of healthcare professionals, researchers, and patient advocates, we are committed to working collaboratively toward our shared vision of a future free from the burden of MASLD and its related complications.

Rohit Loomba, MD, MHSc
Director, MASLD Research Center