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Annual MASH Day

About MASH Day

MASH Day is an annual event that raises public awareness for MASH (metabolic steatohepatitis), advancements in treatment, and ongoing research and clinical trials. The event is hosted by the MASLD Research Center team and features oral and poster presentations from our investigators about their latest findings. MASH Day also includes patient testimonials, in which a panel of patients offers their first-hand experience of living with MASH and receiving treatment at UC San Diego.

In 2022, our presenters included Dr. Veeral Ajmera, Dr. Monica Tincopa, and Dr. Daniel Huang.

  • Dr. Ajmera discussed the impact of type 2 diabetes and obesity on MASLD, as well as the prevalence of advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis in a diabetes cohort.
  • Dr. Tincopa discussed the importance of diet and exercise in MASLD prevention and resolution. Oftentimes, a dedicated exercise regimen and a well-structured diet are some of the most effective ways to avoid liver disease.
  • Dr. Huang discussed the importance of cohorts toward improving the management of MASH.

Full-length recordings of the presentations have been uploaded to the MASLD Research Center YouTube Channel and are available below.

NASH Day 2022


Dr. Veeral Ajmera presentation

Dr. Monica Tincopa presentation

Dr. Daniel Huang presentation