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Rancho Bernardo Study

The Rancho Bernardo Study (RBS) is a prospective population-based study of older adult residents of a suburban Southern California community. The RBS cohort was established in 1972 by Dr. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor when close to 10,000 residents of a geographically defined community were recruited. The cohort of 6,629 residents (almost all 30 years and older) enrolled was quite homogenous - almost entirely Caucasian and most subjects were white-collar workers with at least a college education. Participants were followed by annually mailed questionnaires and returned for research clinic visits approximately every four years. Now forty years later, more than 1,800 participants are still followed and the database serves as a rich repository of data from which researchers use to answer important epidemiological questions across many fields of medicine. Our group initiated liver epidemiology work in this cohort and we have now phenotyped participants whether they have fatty liver or not based upon their liver-to-spleen ratio in the CT scan that was performed for assessing coronary calcification. We looked at these CT scans and immediately recognized that many of these scans had slices of liver and spleen in them and we quickly jumped at this opportunity. This research is partly funded by the American Gastroenterology Association to Dr. Loomba.



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