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San Diego Cirrhosis Registry Study

Understand the Prognostic Factors Associated with Adverse Outcomes in Cirrhosis

A cirrhotic liver is unable to perform its normal functions and is at risk for failure. Patients with cirrhosis may have symptoms such as fluid accumulation in the belly, confusion, yellowing of the skin, or bleeding from the esophagus. When the liver fails, the only known effective treatment is liver transplantation.

We are trying to find out more about patients with cirrhosis or those having high suspicion of cirrhosis in the Greater San Diego area. The purpose of this study is to investigate the natural history of cirrhosis and develop noninvasive methods and approaches for its accurate assessment.

During the initial visit, participants will come to our research clinic for a physical exam, blood tests, and other procedures designed to collect information about their liver.

There will be approximately 500 participants enrolled at University of California, San Diego for the Cirrhosis Registry study.

For additional questions regarding this study please contact:

Phone: (858) 246-2179