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Our Research Focus

San Diego Digestive Diseases Research Center (SDDRC) investigators conduct outstanding research related to inflammation, immunity, and host-microbial interactions in both gastrointestinal tract and liver. Topics range from basic mechanisms governing inflammation, the role of infection, immune and inflammatory responses in preclinical studies, to translational studies and clinical trials with human tissues and well-defined patient populations.

Our Primary Goal

The primary goal of the Center is to provide services to the research laboratories of the SDDRC members. The Center supports three interrelated Biomedical Research Cores that are designed to enhance the research potential and productivity of the Center members: the Human Translational Core, the Preclinical Models, and the Microbiomics and Functional Genomics Core.

Another major goal of SDDRC is to enhance new digestive diseases research through Pilot/Feasibility and Enrichment programs.